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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I fit in?

Volunteers are a vital part of MidHudson Regional Hospital’s (MHRH) health care team. There are many areas throughout MHRH’s facilities that rely on volunteers for assistance. Volunteer roles include patient care areas such as the ER, nursing and physical therapy, as well as support areas such as Patient Registration, Human Resources, and Case Management. As a volunteer, you may be asked to perform any number of non-clinical duties throughout our organization. Anything from assisting with mailing and clerical services, to providing support to patients and their families are all roles where volunteers provide important services.

Why should I volunteer?

The reasons behind the decision to volunteer are as diverse and varied as volunteers themselves.

Some volunteers just want to give back to their community; some are seeking career experience, while others benefit from the friendship and camaraderie that can only come from people coming together to do what they love. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to volunteer (and there are too many benefits to be listed), as a MHRH volunteer, you will be a welcome and valued member of our healthcare team.

Where can I volunteer?

The Volunteer and Guest Services Coordinator will work with you to match your skills and interests with the hospital’s needs.

What are your time commitments?

Unless otherwise approved by volunteer services, the minimum time commitment is four hours a week for a total of 100 hours of services (approximately six months of service). You must be able to commit to coming in on a weekly basis.

How old must I be?

The minimum age to volunteer at MHRH is 16.  Applications must be signed by a parent or guardian if you are less than 18 years old. There is no maximum age for volunteers.

What is the process?

Upon receipt and review of your application, if we have openings in the for the time, day(s), and areas you are interested in, you will be contacted for an interview. After the interview, you will have a medical screening and TB tests provided by the hospital at no cost to you. A background check will also be conducted on all applicants over the age of 18. (Please note that we require a social security number in order to complete the criminal background check.) Once cleared, you will be scheduled to attend general employee orientation. Orientation to your specific position will take place on the unit/area you are assigned. Once these steps are completed, you are ready to begin!

How long does it take the be processed?

On average, once you’ve been interviewed, it takes 4-6 weeks to be completely on-boarded and ready to volunteer.

Is there dress code?

Yes. Volunteers are not allowed to wear blue jeans, sweatpants, sweatshirts, leggings/jeggings, graphic t-shirts, open toed shoes or shorts. All volunteers will be given a blue jacket and photo ID to be worn while volunteering.

Can I volunteer just for the summer?

Yes. Summer volunteers must commit to a minimum of four hours a week for 8-10 weeks. Summer applications are due by April 1, and you must complete a physical, orientation and background check no later than June 1. Please Note: If you are not available to volunteer for the entire summer, please do not apply for the summer volunteer program.

If I volunteer at MHRH will I get a job?

Although some volunteers have found employment at the hospital, volunteering at MHRH does not guarantee employment.

How long do you keep applications on file?

Applications are held for six months. Unless otherwise approved by volunteer services, if you do not complete the process within 6 month of submission, your application will be discarded.